Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

"The sorrow for the dead is the only sorrow from which we refuse to be divorced. Every other wound we seek to heal - every other affliction to forget: but this wound we consider it a duty to keep open - this affliction we cherish and brood over in solitude."
-- Washington Irving

I can't believe I have lived in Yonkers for three years and am just now getting around to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. I guess no one is perfect...

"The idol of today pushes the hero of yesterday out of our recollection; and will, in turn, be supplanted by his successor of tomorrow. "
 "He is the true enchanter, whose spell operates, not upon the senses, but upon the imagination and the heart."


Oh, and I easily get distracted by wildlife in cemeteries...

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