Monday, October 18, 2010


A venture to the grave of Emily Dickinson with friends Jessica Ankeny and Melissa Faliveno. Poor planning on my part meant that we arrived at a house that was closed. Yet somehow it seemed oddly fitting, that we were denied entry into Emily's world, as if she were still alive and too withdrawn to greet some long-traveled guests.

We could have let this get us down, but instead we sat on the front stoop and read some poetry. "Doom is the house without the Door" seemed to fit oddly:

                                 "We passed before a House that seemed
                                  A swelling in the Ground --
                                  The roof was scarcely visible --
                                  The cornice -- In the Ground -- "

 A close-up of the tree in the first photo:

 Then it was on to West Amherst Cemetery to meet Emily:

"Letters To Emily":

 Melissa fell in love with this tree:

Copying an epitaph:

Jess said this was her favorite grave:

Finally, a meeting with Emily:

There was a place to put Letters to Emily, so the ladies wrote Letters to Emily:

Finally, I tried a panoramic photo again. It came out alright: